The Lacy Nook

01. The Brief

Stoke Newington was preparing for the launch of an innovative and exciting restaurant, inspired by the joy of celebrating great food.

Their intention was to provide a creative space for the community, where people can hang out and enjoy tasty, healthy food.

The brief was to design:

  • a timeless logo which represented their ethos
  • a responsive website
  • email templates for marketing
  • the full stationery set
  • uniforms for male and female staff
  • outdoor signage
Client: The Lacy Nook
Services: Branding, Illustration, Website
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress

02. The Process

After the brand was established, I set to designing the rest of the artwork.

The next stage involved designing and building a responsive website which was manageable by the client after launch and also encapsulated the spirit of The Lacy Nook through visually engaging photos.