Queensgate College

01. The Brief

Queensgate College needed to captivate a foreign audience to encourage people to learn English through their courses by partaking in various activities.

The script had to be sensitive to people in which English was not their first language, with visuals that had to be impactful but easy to understand.

Client: Queensgate College
Services: Scriptwriting, Filming, Editing
Software: Premiere, After Effects
Equipment: Canon 70D, Canon 7D, DJI Osmo

02. The Process

The client provided an overview of the program and what they wanted to achieve. With this in mind, I set to writing the script, bearing in mind that the pace had to be slow and with a friendly tone.

Each scene was to take place in various locations around London and the College itself, so a recce was vital in pre-empting which areas were best suited to the script.

I then searched for actors to play the roles of the students and set up 2 teams, the first of which would be filmed in the morning at the College, and the second were to be driven to the various locations in the city. The video was to be filmed in one day, to reduce costs and maximise the time in which the project had to be delivered.

03. The Result