Kirby Swim Equip

01. The Brief

The aim of this video was to promote the Turnmaster Pro for the Australian B2B market but also allow it to work on an international level.

Swimming is the culture in Australia, people grow up surrounded by water and learn not to fear it. Rather than create a straightforward product video, this ‘teaser’ would aim to show the point of view from a Coach’s perspective as we try to lead the audience into the mentality of a professional swimmer.

Our audience should be left with the idea that you can create ‘Champions’ with the Turnmaster Pro.

Client: Kirby Swim Equip
Services: Scriptwriting, Filming, Editing
Equipment: Canon 70D, GoPro, Phantom 3
Software: Premiere, After Effects, Audition

02. The Process

Understanding the client’s brief and customer base was important in knowing how to start the process and set the video apart from other product ads.

I had to get into the mind-set of a professional swimmer/coach and find out what motivates them to swim and encourage others to do so, whether as a hobby or at an elite level.

I scripted and storyboarded the idea, with the music and pitch set for the piece. A voice-over artist with the right accent and tone was chosen to give the script some gravitas, to work for the Australian market.

I directed and filmed the scenes using various equipment, including the  Canon 70D, GoPro Hero 4 and DJI Phantom drone to achieve the results needed for post-production.

03. The Result