Kickstarter Campaign

01. The Brief

The owners of The Lacy Nook needed to raise at least £20,000 to be able to open their restaurant in time for the Summer.

Being a project so close to their hearts, the video had to reflect their personalities and attract people to donate to their cause.

Client: Kickstarter Campaign
Services: Scriptwriting, Filming, Editing
Software: Premiere, Audition
Equipment: Canon 70D, Canon 7D

02. The Process

It took time to get to know the owners and their character.

I had to capture their determination and passion to create a heartfelt campaign, which would encourage people to donate money.

I coordinated the shoot, wrote the scripts and edited the full video to help them reach their pledge within the one month target. The campaign was further supported by email updates and video teasers to keep people involved in their progress and include them in their journey.

03. The Result

The campaign was a success, raising £22,155, funded by a local and international crowd, enabling The Lacy Nook to open in August 2016.