Internet Retailing Expo

01. The Brief

The brief was to create an overall theme for IRX to show that the industry was converging.

We had to incorporate and gain leverage from the IR brand and its journalistic content against other trade shows in the industry.

The theme of the event focussed on customer experience, solutions and personalisation and how they are blending together to create a more refined user experience.

Client: Internet Retailing Expo
Services: Illustration
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator

02. The Design

We pitched our ideas to the client and constructed various moodboards, each with a theme relating to the brief.

One particular style was chosen, which worked perfectly with the IR portfolio and its branding to illustrate that “the perfect balance” was paramount in retailing. We progressed with the designs and began developing the idea further to create the first drafts for the website.

03. The Result

Using the strap line ‘The Perfect Balance’ we demonstrated how IRX would offer attendees the chance to achieve the perfect retailing equilibrium.

The chosen theme was successfully used across varying platforms for web and print, for the duration of the event marketing.