Bioflow Community Stories

01. The Brief

Bioflow wanted to reach a wider audience in Australia to show the benefits of using their jewellery as a natural alternative for pain relief.

They needed to re-educate their customers, gain interest from a younger market to raise brand awareness and also engage them online.

Client: Bioflow Australia
Services: Illustration, Motion, Photography
Software: Photoshop, Premiere
Equipment: Canon 70D

02. The Process

After reviewing Bioflow Australia’s previous campaigns and online activity through social media, it was clear that the bulk of their customers were only making purchases in-store.

Their multichannel streams needed to integrate more seamlessly to provide more sales and online engagement via their website and social media; thus the idea of “Community Stories” was borne. We selected a group of diverse individuals who saw serious benefits in using the products and aimed to capture their positive feedback and personality through video testimonials.

Bioflow webCarousel_001

The Community Stories campaign was supported with posts on Instagram and Facebook, with emailers sent to tease it’s market on the launch of the videos. The hashtag #Bioflowchangedmylife was used on their social media to draw in customers to interact with their brand and enable them to share their stories too.

Bioflow CS_mobile001
Bioflow CS_mobile004
Bioflow CS_mobile002
Bioflow CS_mobile003

03. The Result

The short 1 minute videos were a success in attracting new customers and educating Bioflow’s market on further uses for its products.